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Power Experts 2016: Utility Air Quality & Environmental Compliance Conference

Power Experts will be hosting an event in Atlanta to further discuss regulation updates, emission reduction and control strategies as well as environmental compliance for power plants. The two day program includes utility led presentations, technical roundtables and panel debates which will delve in to strategies for managing power plants as well as discussing the impacts of the EPAs Clean Power Plan.

(Pending) Some of the topics that may be covered in the agenda:

  • Key Factors That Affect Hg Control in a Power Plant
  • Regulatory Updates for MATS, CSAPR, ELG, CO2, Start up and Shut down
  • Implementation of EPA Regulations on New and Existing Power Plants and its Impact on the States
  • Ozone Ambient Standard
  • Decommissioning
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Plant Improvement Projects
  • Waste Water/Water Management Strategies
  • NAAQS and Regional Haze
  • Scrubber Corrosion Issues
  • Startup under MATS
  • CCR Regulations Updates
  • EPA Clean Power Plan
  • Clean Energy and Alternatives Being Put In to Realization
  • Managing Distributed Generation
  • Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Existing Coal-Fired Boilers and Monitoring
  • Increasing Energy Efficiency of Existing Units
  • Improving Heat Rate
  • SCR Mercury Oxidation
  • Why May Laboratory Activity Tests Results Not be Matching Field Performance
  • Managing the Utility Fleet for Hg and NOx Reliability


The two days includes breakfast, lunch, refreshments plus an invitation to attend the Drink Reception on day one. Come and learn from the wealth of information on offer from leading experts in the industry. Register here.