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15th Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference

  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens 1345 Piedmont Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30309 (map)


Parks, greenspaces and public spaces can serve an array of purposes. One essential need that parks fulfill is providing a venue for communities to play. Parks and greenspaces can be seen as the community's collective playground. Communities that play together, stay together.

The 15th Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference will explore how play can activate our parks and strengthen our communities. Whether play takes place as a youngster on a playground, as an adult as a participant in a parade, or as a senior celebrating the joy of life with his/her friends, we all benefit from play in public spaces.

Park Pride's conference seeks answers to questions about the intersectionality of parks and play. How do we play in our parks and greenspaces? How does the design of parks encourage play through a lifetime? How does playful activation of parks foster a sense of community? Does structured and unstructured play in parks affect our wellness? 

This conference will offer a rich and diverse array of local, national and international perspectives on cultivating a strong relationship between parks, play and a community's well-being.

Early bird registration ENDS Sunday, January 17th: